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In 2016, Mississippi reached a record high of overdose deaths. The CDC reported 332 people had died from accidental overdose, beating out the previous year’s record high at 211. So, despite that the state did see a decrease to 327, it is still one of Mississippi’s highest rates. Hopefully this is a good sign, but more data will have to be collected before anything can be said definitively. The CDC confirmed 2,134 deaths by overdose in 2017 in Massachusetts . While this number is no doubt high, only beaten out by 10 other states, this is actually Oxycodone the lowest it has been since 2014. Massachusetts has been one of the few states to see a regular decline year after year since 2014. So, despite 2.9% seeming like a small number, this is perhaps the most positive change of any on this list. After reaching a record high of 346 deaths in 2016, Rhode Island saw its first decrease in nearly a decade the following year. Falling to 333, Rhode Island may be on its way to recovery. The last time there was a decrease was in 2009. Overdose deaths have been steadily climbing every year since then. While preliminary data suggested that overdose deaths were in Oklahoma were continuing to grow, the state turned it around. In the previous report, overdose deaths from the 12 months leading up to July of 2017, had risen by 12%. When compared to the calendar years, however, of 2016 and 2017, deaths actually fell from 803 to 771. When looking at straight numbers, some states’ drug crisis will not seem as severe as others. For example, in 2017, more people in Iowa died from overdose than in North Dakota , South Dakota , and Nebraska combined. This does not mean that there is less of an issue in these states, they just have smaller populations. Looking at the death rate, calculated by overdose deaths per 100,000 people, Iowa and North Dakota are roughly the same, with 10.9 across Iowa and 10.6 across North Dakota`.

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how are marijuana concentrates made

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